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Le Monde nous appartient by Stephan Streker

The schedule of the film “Le Monde nous appartient” was adjusted

 Dates : Friday December 27 om 9.30pm – BOZAR

In the presence of Stephan Streker, Dinara Drukarova, Sam Louwyck



The screening will be preceded by a showcase of Ozark Henry!


One night, on a bridge… a stabbing. There’s Pouga. And there’s Julien. The film shows the parallel destiny of these two young men who resemble each other but who have never met. They share the same values and a thirst for the absolute. They could be friends. And yet…


Olivier Gourmet, Vincent Rottiers, Reda Kateb, Manon de Buck

Additional information:

2013 – 88min – FR VO with Dutch SUB