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The Festival Guests

The Festival’s Godmother

Marion Hänsel

Thursday, December 22nd

“Faut pas lui dire” by Solange Cicurel, in the presence of 

Solange Cicurel, director

Stéphanie Crayencour, actress

Tania Garbarski, actress

Diana Elbaum, producer

Friday, December 23rd

“Achter de Wolken” by Cécilia Verheyden, in the presence of

Cécilia Verheyden, director

Chris Lomme, actress

“Je suis resté dans les bois” by Michaël Bier, Erika Sainte & Vincent Solheid, in the presence of

Michaël Bier, director and actor

Erika Sainte, director and actress

Vincent Solheid, director and actor

Bruno Verstraete, actor

Samuel Tilman, producer

Marie Besson, producer

“La Fille inconnue” by Luc & Jean-Pierre Dardenne, in the presence of 

Luc Dardenne, director

Monday, December 26th

“Sonar” by Jean-Philippe Martin, in the presence of 

Jean-Philippe Martin, director

Baptiste Sornin, actor

Eminé Meyrem, actress

Géraldine Doignon, scriptwriter

Anthony Rey, producer

“Parasol” de Valéry Rosier, in the presence of

Valéry Rosier, director

“L’Economie du couple” by Joachim Lafosse, in the presence of 

Joachim Lafosse, director

Tuesday, December 27th

Short films selected for the Magritte

“Complices” by Mathieu Mortelmans, in the presence of 

Mathieu Mortelmans, director

“De Figurant” by Daniel Lambo, in the presence of 

Daniel Lambo, director

“Les Chevaliers blancs” by Joachim Lafosse, in the presence of 

Joachim Lafosse, director

“King of the Belgians” by Peter Brosens & Jessica Woodworth, in the presence of 

Peter Brosens, director

Jessica Woodworth, director

Lucie Debay, actress

.Bruno Georis, actor

Wednesday, December 28th

Short films selected for the Magritte

“No-go zone” by L’Atelier Collectif Zorobabel, in the presence of 

William Henne, project coordinator

“The Hidden part” by Caroline D’hondt & Monique Marnette, in the presence of 

Caroline D’hondt, director

Monique Marnette, director

“Le plaisir du désordre” by Christian Rouaud, in the presence of 

Christian Rouaud, director

Eve Bonfanti, actress

Yves Hunstad, actor

Gabriel Vanderplas, producer

“Le Cœur régulier” de Vanja d’Alcantara, en présence de

Vanja d’Alcantara, director

“Les Survivants” by Luc Jabon, in the presence of 

Luc Jabon, director

Erika Sainte, actress

“The land of the enlightened” by Pieter-Jan De Pue, in the presence of 

Bart Van Langendonck, producer

Thursday, December 29th

Short films selected for the Magritte

“Renaître” by Jean-François Ravagnan, in the presence of 

Jean-François Ravagnan, director

“Le Plombier” by Xavier Seron & Méryl Fortunat-Rossi, in the presence of 

Xavier Seron, director

“Belgica” de Felix Van Groeningen, en présence de

Felix Van Groeningen, director

Stef Aerts, actor

Tom Vermeir, actor

“Les Premiers les Derniers” by Bouli Lanners, in the presence of 

Bouli Lanners, director

David Murgia, actor

“Everybody Happy” by Nic Balthazar, in the presence of 

Nic Balthazar, director

“Even lovers get the blues” by Laurent Micheli, in the presence of 

Laurent Micheli, director

Arnaud Bronsart, actor

Gabriel Da Costa, actor

Tristan Schotte, actor

Gabriel Vanderpas, producer

Friday, December 30th

“Low Notes” by Laurier Fournier, in the presence of 

Laurier Fournier, director

Philippe Delhaes, producer

“Baden Baden” by Rachel Lang, in the presence of 

Rachel Lang, director

Salomé Richard, actress

Lazare Gousseau, actor

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